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Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale

How China 's Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market' s Future Develops

The future of the industrial system industry, will be more through the Internet technology to network collaborative mode of industrial production, in order to develop products that can fully adapt to the production, this adaptability will enable enterprises to face changes in customer needs, Easy to respond, and to ensure that its production is competitive to meet the individual needs of customers. Gold Ore Crusher Machine manufacturers will no longer control the production from top to bottom, no longer engaged in a separate design and development links, no longer engaged in a separate production and manufacturing links, no longer engaged in a separate marketing and service links.

Correspondingly, the Gold Ore Crusher Machine manufacturer starts from the customer's needs to accept the order, seek production cooperation, purchase raw materials, jointly product design, develop production plan and put into production, the whole link through the network together, mutual Communication, and information will be delivered along the raw materials, indicating the necessary production steps to ensure that the final product to meet the specific needs of customers. The flexibility of this manufacturing is undoubtedly represents the future direction of the development of the Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market, Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market transformation and upgrading to bring great opportunities.

But at the same time, also indicates that the global Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market will usher in the technical upgrade of the fierce competition, but also to the Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market to bring new challenges. While China's current industry is a parallel stage, industrial 2.0 make up classes, 3.0 popular, 4.0 demonstration. Among them, the industrial 2.0 make up mainly refers to make up the industrial base capacity, quality brand, standardization and so on. Industrial 3.0 popularity, mainly to different regions, different industries popularization automation. Industry 4.0 demonstration is through intelligent manufacturing pilot, intelligent manufacturing projects to play a leading role in the demonstration.

A year ago, China introduced the "China-made 2025" in the next 10 years to lead the construction of power-building action guide and the next 30 years to achieve the dream of making the country's programmatic document, a comprehensive opening of China's big road from the big change. "Made in China 2025" implementation of the first anniversary of the results, but the construction of Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market strong task arduous.

According to the discovery, a year, there have been Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Gansu, Anhui, Beijing and other 25 provinces and cities have introduced a specific local version of China 2025 implementation strategy and action plan. In addition, Dalian, Harbin, Nanjing, Suzhou, Dongguan, more than 30 cities have also introduced their own manufacturing 2025 implementation measures. From the content point of view, around the widespread formation of high-end equipment manufacturing, industrial upgrading of the development of ideas, the whole around the "Made in China 2025" made the top ten areas of development, but also according to their own situation, focus is different. In addition, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and other eastern Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market developed areas in addition to "Made in China 2025" proposed advanced rail transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-end ships, new power equipment, aerospace equipment and other key areas of development , Also proposed to focus on the development of robots, increased manufacturing, industrial Internet and other intelligent manufacturing industries, as well as "Internet" related industries.

On August 18, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Xinhua News Agency and the Ningbo Municipal Government jointly held a "China-made 2025" pilot demonstration conference in the press office of the Ministry of Industry and announced that Ningbo became the first "China-made 2025" Pilot demonstration city. The reason why choose Ningbo as the first demonstration pilot cities, there are two main reasons. First of all, Ningbo has a geographical advantage. Is located in the eastern coast of Zhejiang, Yangtze River Delta is one of the economic center, is also an important national advanced Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market base, to continue to play in the region to play a leading role in radiation.

Second, Ningbo also has a solid Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market industrial base, especially in the new materials, core parts and other aspects of a leading edge in the country and the world has a strong competitive edge. Ningbo, the total industrial output value of 1375.66 billion yuan in the country's top provincial cities in the forefront, located in the province's first place; and industrial development strategy positioning clear, in the industrialization and information integration of the depth of the enterprise has made a very good Good results, there are 16 companies into the Chinese Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market 500 strong. The first "China made 2025 pilot model city" flowers Ningbo, will undoubtedly make Ningbo more policy funding and project support.

Again, is the quality of the brand problem. One of the major disadvantages of China's manufacturing is "low value-added products", although large-scale, but mostly OEM production, the profit is very small. It is precisely because there is no technical content in the value chain at all, despite the strong labor force, behind it is the bottom of the little, little profit. Therefore, the Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market supply side of the reform must pay attention to the quality of brand work. If there is no quality and brand, do not say that China's industrial power to achieve the goal can not be achieved, even the status of Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market, because some countries catch up, may be shaken. Many industries in China in product design, manufacturing, there are quality and reliability issues. Want to change this low level, low value-added Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market situation, must start from the quality. Improve the quality and reliability of the product, it is to support China's Gold Ore Crusher Machine Sale Market, the cornerstone of sustained and stable development.

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