Three Roller Grinding Mill

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Three Roller Grinding Mill

Zenith Three Roller Grinding Mill performance characteristics

Zenith regards the quality of the equipment as life, and the quality and performance of the equipment produced can be guaranteed. Let's analyze it in detail.

1. Zenith Three Roller Grinding Mill has advanced production technology, and the automation of the equipment is very strong. It can basically realize the unmanned operation of the grinding operation, and the sealing of the equipment is also very good. It is also equipped with a dust-proof and explosion-proof device, which can effectively avoid dust. The situation of leakage and equipment explosion ensures the safety and stability of equipment operation.

2. The Three Roller Grinding Mill has strong processing capacity for materials, allows for a large amount of feeding, the milling efficiency of the equipment is very high, and the quality of the rosin rock material from the equipment grinding is also particularly good, the particle size is uniform, and the impurity content is small. , very in line with the customer's requirements for the quality of finished materials.

3. The components of the Three Roller Grinding Mill are made of wear-resistant materials. During the operation of the equipment, the friction of the components is less, the wear rate and failure rate are low, the replacement period of the equipment components is prolonged, and the service life is long.

4. The equipment is equipped with a dust-removing and muffling device. The dust generated during the grinding process of the equipment is less, the noise is low, and the environmental protection green performance of the Three Roller Grinding Mill is remarkable.

5. The power system configuration of the equipment is advanced. The energy consumption and power consumption of the Three Roller Grinding Mill are low during operation, and the overall operating cost of the equipment is low.

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