Talc Grinding Mill

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Talc Grinding Mill

Utilization of frequency conversion overload capability

From the above analysis of the variable frequency speed regulation characteristics, it can be concluded that in the constant torque range, as long as the frequency of the control motor is not too low, the overload capability of the motor is not substantially affected. In general, the drive manual provides a simple selection reference that requires the drive power to be greater than the motor's power.

First of all, in addition to the power provided for the motor, the inverter power also includes the heat loss of the inverter itself and the voltage drop generated on its internal components, especially the larger capacity inverter. This loss and voltage drop cannot. ignore. For this reason, it is more reasonable to use the method of comparing currents while ensuring that the motor voltage matches the output of the inverter. Secondly, from the economic point of view, after the start of the Talc Grinding Mill equipment, the constant torque operation, the torque is not very high. In this way, the overload capacity of the motor and the frequency converter is utilized to lower their selected gear positions, thereby reducing the procurement cost of the frequency converter.

Taking the Talc Grinding Mill as an example, the moving speed of the Talc Grinding Mill cylinder is 16.57r/rain, and the torque required during the acceleration of the simplified rotation is large. In order to reduce the impact on the power grid and machinery, generally set a lower frequency, such as 15Hz. When the inverter adopts V/F control mode, the acceleration time is 1/3 of free ,, about 2min, the time required for starting is 36s, which is less than the overload time of the inverter for 1min, and the overload capability of the inverter can be utilized.

The application of the frequency converter on the Talc Grinding Mill produced by SBM has an unusual effect on reducing energy consumption and improving production efficiency. If you are interested in further understanding, it is recommended to call or come to visit.

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